Candidate of county election

in Western Uusimaa

My name is Folayemi Vättö, but everyone calls me Yemi. Moved to Finland 15 years ago and I have been able to make Finland my home. Married with 3 kids and never have a dull moment. I love the nature and I really love spending my free time walking in the woods in Nuuksio and taking pictures.  I learnt how to skate some years ago and that has been my staple winter hobby.

I am running as a member of Kokoomus because I am passionate about healt care and especially mental health and economic. Some of the immigrants have not been able to integrate into the society and because of that; we have not been able to utilize their full potential in the society. I want to make it easier for immigrants to properly integrate into our society.


As a nurse working in the psychiatry ward, I do see the demands for mental health care on the rise and the supply is not unfortunately meeting the demands. The corona situation has really increased the need for mental health care and until we are fully past the pandemic situation; the demands will, unfortunately, be on the rise.